Sustained Burn | Yoga – and cute mat


The movie seems video shot in India. Lovely.


Energizing Morning Yoga Routine 朝はパワーヨガでエネルギーを溜めよう

Energizing with the sun salutation, then lie down for stretching poses at the end. About 15 minutes of storing the energy and stretch. Good when you feel still sleepy…


Energizing Morning Yoga 〜 パワーを溜めるポーズ

Yoga cat today. He is always at the front side of the mat. I take pic in the selfie camera.


20min Yoga for Better Energy with Jason Crandell 朝の始まりにふさわしい20分のヨガ

ジェイソンキャンデル先生の、「エナジーヨガ」。 朝起きてボーっとしている間、すぐに行うのにピッタリ。サンサルテーション、ウォリアー1、2といった基本をゆっくりの間で行うシーケンスです。最後のポーズの後は、
“Feel free to pick up and practice any sequence from here. Also, feel free to simply stay for a few moments, digesting this moment to seed meditation, or allow the body and mind to rest completely by releasing into Shavasana”.

Yoga Cat 今日のヨガ猫